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Set in 1974, IMAGINARY GIRL responsibly interprets the political kidnapping of 19-year-old Patty Hearst. After being held captive in a closet for 59-days by a ragtag militant group, she emerges declaring her new identity as Tania and her “choice” to join her kidnappers' mission to overthrow the US government.


As her ongoing ordeal unfolds, it’s dissected, distorted and exploited by the news media, and holds the world spellbound as Patty seemingly changes from an innocent victim into a fugitive outlaw right-in front-of-our-eyes.


Through-a-not-so-distant-mirror, the play takes-on a newly-emerging 21st-century-theme: The Disintegration of Consensus Reality: the end of our once universal and once dependable shared- reality. The story’s strong-complex-female-protagonist reveals how ALL conflicts – internal, interpersonal, and political – are battles of competing narratives / BATTLES OF COMPETING VERSIONS OF REALITY.


Ultimately, IMAGINARY GIRL is an inspiring and uplifting story of survival, self-discovery and self-liberation, as its historic female protagonist triumphantly overcomes seemingly impossible internal and external obstacles.


Part family drama. Part psychological thriller. Part spectacular farce. The play asks:

How much our personal and political identity is guided by forces beyond our own freewill?



( a novel in progress )

An unblinking journey into the trifecta vortex of advertising, technology and addiction.


While searching for his missing brother, a recovering advertising exec stumbles into a dangerously hedonistic subculture organized around a novel, and highly addictive, use of electricity, forcing him into battle against the self-defeating patterns of his past.


Driven by the competing forces of profound loneliness and terrifying desire, the central characters spiral down converging paths to the same desperate tipping point where each is irreversibly changed by the heartbreaking choices they’re forced to make.



Post-human relationships, romantic insecurity & social evolution collide

in a comedy about a guy who loses his girlfriend to a robot.

Inside My Imagination - Better Than Perfect
After The End of It All - Better Than Perfect

High-brow philosophy and low-brow antics artfully unshackle its too-clever-for-their-own-good characters from conventional romantic-comedy genre’s sexist tropes & too-predictable resolutions, while straddling the blurry line segregating forbidden love from sexual freedom.



Project Description Coming Soon



(The Remix)

With the tagline “Let Icons Be Bygones” BLOWN AWAY (The Remix) tears apart a well-known story then spins the pieces into an original compelling REMIX to present a new understanding of – and new experience of -- the classic tale.


Starting with the public domain source material of Frank L. Baum’s “Oz” series, the familiar classic is inverted: now its three fantastical characters (Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion) are jettisoned from a war-torn Oz to Earth on a storm.  As they journey through an alien-to-them landscape, they’re pursued from both sides – chased by remixed witches and flying monkeys from Oz, and hunted by Earthlings as enemy alien beings who’ve fallen from the sky. They team up with a teenage runaway, Dorothy, who helps the war refugees journey back to their besieged homeland. 



Cultural prophets Cory Doctorow, Isaac Asimov, Malcolm Gladwell, and Lawrence Lessing have endorsed remixes and mash-ups as the most powerful social tool for sharing new understandings of our shifting cultural identities and evolving consensus reality.


The ascendance of remix culture as a vehicle to transform how we feel about ourselves and our history – through recombination, reinterpretation, recontextualization, and re-vision – has already positioned itself to become the 21st century’s most vital and default cultural art form. 


As with its central characters, BLOWN AWAY forces us to update our understanding of ourselves (as an audience and as individuals) pushing us beyond our past consensus reality into new familiar-yet-strange territories where we are discovering a new version of who we are and what we want.


Taking the best elements of both low budget indie filmmaking and live theater, PALM SPRINGS POSTMODERN proposes a new aesthetic grounded in the beauty and thrill of live theater’s stagecraft (with all the smoke, mirrors and wires left showing around the edges).




Anticipating the emergence of POST-MONOCULTURE PROGRAMMING, half of Nocturnal Transmission’s content is user-generated, where creative individuals produce region-specific content. Starting with Nocturnal Transmission SF, then perhaps extending with Nocturnal Transmission Seoul, NT-Stockholm, NT-Tokyo or NT-San Paulo.


NTSF rides piggyback on San Francisco’s well-established mythology as an outlaw town, an arts-minded town, a tech-savvy town – as well as echoing SF’s history as the wellspring of the literary Beats, radical intellectuals, psychedelic experimentation and sexual freedom.


NTSF is serialized entertainment with the double-punch appeal of sex and comedy presented with a hallucinatory and dreamlike visual style and alternative versions of reality. With a fusion of highbrow references and lowbrow silliness, the show serves up a genre-bending confluence of mockumentary, animation and live action.



When a parent and child (genders flexible) are forced by a freak storm to seek shelter, they’re unexpectedly catapulted into a journey through seven interlocking riddle-based mini-adventures across seven fantastical realms populated with extraordinary creatures – ultimately returning home deeply transformed.

5D nameplate v6.jpg