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 An Original Cross-Platform Franchise

Anticipating the emergence of POST-MONOCULTURE PROGRAMMING, half of Nocturnal Transmission’s content is user-generated, where creative individuals produce region-specific content. Starting with Nocturnal Transmission SF, then perhaps extending with Nocturnal Transmission Seoul, NT-Stockholm, NT-Tokyo or NT-San Paulo.


NTSF rides piggyback on San Francisco’s well-established mythology as an outlaw town, an arts-minded town, a tech-savvy town – as well as echoing SF’s history as the wellspring of the literary Beats, radical intellectuals, psychedelic experimentation and sexual freedom.


NTSF is serialized entertainment with the double-punch appeal of sex and comedy presented with a hallucinatory and dreamlike visual style and alternative versions of reality. With a fusion of highbrow references and lowbrow silliness, the show serves up a genre-bending confluence of mockumentary, animation and live action.

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