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Assoc. Producer + Outreach Liaison 


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Rebekah grew up in a Pentecostal religious cult where musical theatre was essential to the proselytizing of, and expression of, a deep evangelical passion. As a teenager, she wrote, directed, choreographed and produced music videos and live stage plays, performing her till-then career-defining role of Satan.


After her spirited homeschooling, Rebekah reached out to a secular life beyond the cult, yet she remained an indoctrinated true believer in the transformative power of theatre. At collage she produced and/or performed in dozens of short films; assistant stage-managed several full stage productions; and performed in many full-length shows, before graduating magna cum laude with a BFA in Musical Theatre.  


After college, her first job was with Futures Explored – a film school for adults with disabilities – where she developed and taught the school’s inaugural music and acting program for students with disabilities. She invented a tracking methodology for each student’s progress, and also drafted new interventions to facilitate individual growth through their specific challenges.


More recently, Rebekah has continued to develop her administrative skills (read: producer skills). As Operations Manager for a major Bay Area cannabis testing laboratory, she worked across multiple departments: recruitment, hiring, staff evaluation, coordinating scheduling and revising each team’s direction to assure multi-department alignment as assignments changed and work-flow needed to be adjusted. Rebekah now combines her love and understanding of theater with her organizational and team-management skills.


After seeing IMAGINARY GIRL: The Unauthorized Occupation of Patty Hearst (An Alternative Identity Musical) at an early showcase in SF, she immediately fell in love with the show and its complex female lead.  Inspired by the story that includes mind control and cult-like indoctrination, she was stunned by how – at its core – its characters’ emotional conflicts are universal. Rebekah believes theater can change lives – and she believes IMAGINARY GIRL can do just that with audiences around the world.



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